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In the way of a quick intro, this page is a snapshot of my writing career. Please scroll down to see editor references, a podcast sample, and a list of published books. The buttons at the left will take you to a bounty of clips and work samples or to the "About Me" or "Methodology" pages for biographical and work style information. I recommend you read both pages before moving on to the clips page.

I am a full-time, veteran freelance writer with hundreds of published works to my credit. Therefore, this web site does not contain my full body of work nor, necessarily, my most recent clips. There's plenty more clips to see any time you wish! And, yes, I am most definitely interested in hearing from you about new writing opportunities. Meanwhile, the contents of these pages should illuminate my prolific and versatile nature and the passion with which I undertake each project. Thanks for considering me!

Pam Baker


Editors say...

“Pam Baker is a smart investigator, a sharp interviewer and a stylish writer. She has the delightful habit of meeting deadlines with ease, and her submissions invariably surpass expectations. She deftly hooks readers and keeps them interested, allowing her unique voice to shine through while maintaining a high standard of journalistic objectivity. She gets the facts right, and she boils down complex topics into tasty morsels that both tech-savvy and tech-challenged readers can enjoy.”

--Mick Brady
Managing Editor, ECT News Network

"I have come to rely heavily on Pam Baker because I know that whatever assignment I give her (and there have been many), she will deliver quality work on time and stands ready to assist in any way she can. She is thorough, responsive and readily accessible, with an intuitive intelligence and attention to detail that places her head and shoulders above the many other freelance writers competing for assignments. Equally important, she is a delightful person and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

---Tom Johnson

Assistant Managing Editor/Research, Institutional Investor Magazine

“A consummate professional, Pam was indeed a pleasure to work with. Her ever-positive demeanor, sincere pride in her work, and attention to detail are attributes I have rarely seen from others in her field. It is not often I give accolades and I cannot say enough about Pam and her work.”

--Frank Viquez
Director, ABI Research
Executive Editor, Wireless IQ and Telematics Journal Publications

“Pam's knowledge of the business technology sector, and especially the mobile and CRM areas, is impressive. Her sources and ideas are good, and she works hard to find ways to add value to her relationship with us. She's a valued member of the Success team.”

--Andrea Mondello
Web Editor, Success Magazine

“Pam Baker discovers the details that take a piece to the next level. She brings enthusiasm to each assignment and is fearless about learning new topics and interviewing. While working on a series of historical profiles, she skillfully interwove the subjects’ technical contributions with their personal lives. Pam offers updates, meets deadlines and tracks down answers to follow-up questions. What’s more, she’s a pleasure to work with.”

--Jessica Harper
Managing Editor, I Six Sigma Magazine

“Pam Baker’s work always exceeds my expectations! Her passion for writing is evident in each of the stories she crafts. She’s able to tackle a variety of assignments with professionalism and ease. Her work is always accurate, creative and concise. Thus, Pam is an editor’s dream come true!”

--Jennifer Sillitto
Executive Editor, her magazine

"Pam Baker is the kind of professional who determines exactly what an editor wants from a project and turns in what was discussed without any unwanted surprises. Her work is on time, well written and accurate. She's a pleasure to work with."

-- Marisa Porto
Editor, Smallponds Inc.

“Pam is flexible and resourceful. She has been able to address a widely diverse set of topics in the IT industry, and is consistently eager to take on the next challenge. Her writing is insightful and concise, a top priority for our publications.”

--Scott Koegler
Managing Editor, Non-Profit Tech News, MedTech Journal, and IT Business Insider

“Pam is detail oriented, dedicated and a leader in her field. For nearly the past three and a half years, she has been able to consistently research and summarize the vast expanse of daily news in the Wireless and Telematics (automotive) fields, providing our websites with the perfect balance of information. Her skills expand not only to writing and editing but being technically savvy, allowing her to keep current in the constantly changing world of technology.”

--Scott Meltzer
IT Specialist, ABI Research,
Wireless IQ and Telematics Journal Publications

"Creative and versatile, Pam Baker is able to write interesting and informative articles on a wide variety of topics from IT to adventure travel.  Moreover, she is reliable, works in a timely manner, grasps your needs quickly, and is a pleasure to work with."

--Gail Ross

"Pam is a true professional. She always meets deadlines and the result is a joy to read. You can tell she had fun writing the story. Her work is clean and thorough, and always just what you hoped for when you assigned it. She explains the sometimes mind-numbing world of technology in a way even my Luddite mother could understand."

--Jason Cohen
Editor, ECT News Network

“Pam’s strong suit as a writer is in really understanding her subject. In her work for our custom media company, she was tireless in working with clients to grasp their marketing objectives while distilling highly complex subject matter at a level that made it readable and engaging for C-level audiences. I highly recommend her work."

-- Michelle O’Hagan
Editor, Imagination


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